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Guidelines for Mathematics Online Classes

Off Campus Students - Not Local (NOT living within 30 minutes of SIU)

All Math online students who are not local students (i.e. not living within approximately 30 minutes of SIU) and plan on taking online exams at a location other than SIU must find a proctor at the beginning of the semester.  If your proctor charges a fee and you are unable to pay, you will need to drop the course. 

  • Online students must use a community college testing center or a public library.  
  • Most community colleges have a distance education office or test proctoring center.   
  • Many public libraries offer proctoring as well.  Sometimes a fee is involved.  
  • Proctoring on the SIU campus is free.  
  • It is the online student’s responsibility to schedule a time and get the proctoring form filled out prior to the test date. 
  • The website listed below contains the proctoring form and all of the information needed to find a proctor. Please contact them with proctor questions!
  • Your proctor must fill out a form online at the website below and approval can take up to one week.
  • Testing Services
  • http://testingservices.siu.edu/siuexams/extendedcampusexams/index.php
  • Contact Information for Testing Services:
    Phone: (618)453-6003
    Email Contact: testing@siu.edu

Online Students - Local (Living within 30 minutes of SIU)

  • All Math online students who are local students should go to the website below, choose a time (at least one week in advance) and take the test at Testing Services on the 7th Floor at Morris Library.   Please contact Testing Services with proctor questions!