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In SIU Mathematics department, we encourage undergraduate students to participate in mathematical research and supervised readings of special topics under guidance of our faculty. Annually, we organize a research conference in undergraduate mathematics research jointly with the Southeast Missouri State University, see IL-Mo Conference for details.

Below are names of students and their projects in recent past.  

Title: Sports Data Analysis Project

Details: The group analyzed the Missouri Valley conference Men and Women's basketball data using R software, clustering, and discriminant analysis.

Term:  Fall 15
Students:  Nicole Staples, Philip Kains
Professors:  Budzban, Olive 

Title: Research in Visualization in Mathematics 

Details: Research in geometry, computing, and visualization.  The work started in Fall 2014 and continued through Fall 2015. Our weekly meetings (Thursday 2pm) were frequented also by a number of other interested students.

Term:  Fall 2014
Students:  Bradley Dragun, Thomas Finkenkelle, Aaron Zolotor
Professor:  Kocik

Term:  Spring 2015
Students:  Jeffrey Lawrence, Aaron Zolotor
Professor:  Kocik

Term:  Fall 2015
Student: Bradley Dragun
Professor:  Kocik

Please contact Dr. Wesley Calvert, Undergraduate Program Director, for more information.

Phone: 618-453-6582
Email: wcalvert at siu.edu