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Robert Fitzgerald


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Professor; Ph.D., UCLA, 1980. Quadratic forms and algebra.

Research Interests

Quadratic Forms--over integers, over arbitrary fields (Witt rings) and over finite fields with applications to codes and sequences.

Selected Publications

  1. Represented value sets for integral binary quadratic forms and lattices (with A. Earnest), Proceedings of AMS 135 (2007), 2765-3770.
  2. Highly degenerate quadratic forms over F_2. Finite Fields and Their Applications 13 (2007) 778-792.
  3. Factors of Dickson polynomials over finite fields (with J. Yucas). Finite Fields and Their Applications 11 (2005) 724--737.
  4. Picard groups of Witt rings. Math. Zeitschrift 206 (1991) 303--319.
  5. Quadratic forms of height two. Transaction of Amer. Math. Soc. 283 (1984) 339--351.