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AMS Graduate Student Chapter at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

The AMS Student Chapter is a special interest group within the Math Club at SIUC. The Chapter was founded in 2017 with over a dozen founding members. The Chapter will support all of the activities of the Math Club and sponsor social functions for the mathematical community. It is devoted to the furtherance of the interests of mathematical scholarship and research. It will create ample opportunity to share ideas with fellow students and faculty.  Also, it will open funding and other opportunities for the chapter and its members. Indeed, it helps to discover career opportunities and find assistance for attending AMS meetings. It will sponsor invited speakers on topics of interest to graduate students in mathematics and related fields.  

For more information, read the constitution. You can also connect on Facebook.


bee.jpg  Integration Bee

Third Annual Integration Bee 2022 by the AMS Graduate Student Chapter at SIUC on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

10 am to 4 pm in ENGA 111.  Participation is open to undergraduates and high school students. 

Register before Saturday, February 19th!  Participants are limited so register today!

Cash prizes for the top four students.  

Congratulations to our Winners from The Fourth Annual Integration Bee 2022!
     GRAND INTEGRATOR - Seth Thomason
     Second Place - Jaylan Blake
     Third Place - Anael Clar
     Fourth Place - Connor Rogers

Contact for more information.


Photos from the Bee



First annual ASA Data Fest at SIUC is scheduled on April 13-15, 2018.

Participation is open to undergraduates.

Register before Thursday, April 5th!  Participants are limited so register today!

Prizes for top students.


More information


Student Seminar Series

The AMS Student Chapter at SIUC is organizing the Student Seminar Series on Fridays at 4:00 pm for all graduate students. This series is to be run by the students, for the students; providing a platform for us to practice speaking in a friendly environment. The topics can be anything and everything including what we are currently researching or any topic that interests us immensely.

All the graduate students are invited to participate either by giving a talk or by being present at this seminar. If you are participating in an important seminar, you can take this opportunity as a practice session.

View the schedule here.



                                  AMS STUDENT CHAPTER 2022

Advisor - Dr. Randy Hughes


2022 Officers

Devjani Basu
Gihanee Senadheera
Gabriel Ngwe