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2021 News

Dr. Laya Sorkatti is a current visitor to the school. She is working with Prof. Dubravka Ban.

Layla Sorkatti is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Khartoum, Al Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan. Her current research projects focus on representation theory and symplectic algebras. She has been engaged in teaching Algebra subjects to postgraduate students in some of the African countries for several years.       

Here is Dr. Sorkatt's CV.


2020 News

Congratulations to Dr. Mingqing Xiao for receiving the Neighborly Award for 2020 as the new Educator.

Inspired by the life and legacy of Fred Rogers and in honor of his vision, WSIU’s One Region, All Neighbors campaign encourages community members to nominate those who are making positive contributions through acts of kindness, compassion and service. Winners are chosen from nominations submitted by the public in five categories—individual, youth, educator, community group and business. WSIU recognizes these winners on its television and radio stations, website and social media.

Congratulations to Dr. Wesley Calvert for receiving the Lindell W. Sturgis Memorial Public Service Award for 2020.

This award is given annually to an employee of SIU Carbondale for contributions to the community, area, state, or nation, and shall be based on non-job related activities.

Mathematics 2019 SIU Foundation Awardees

Congratulations to faculty members Tumpa Bhattacharyya, Wesley Calvert and Thara Lowndes who were awarded the 2019 SIU Foundation grant for their project titled "Business Math in a Data Driven World". Working jointly with two business school faculty members, they propose to re-design MATH 139 and create a state-of-the-art course that integrates expert delivery of foundational curriculum, creative use of technology and methods that is coherent with the curriculum, hands-on project-based work, and presentations of analyses that foster communication and leadership skills. It is envisioned that the methodologies developed in this proposal can be extended to similar interdisciplinary courses, such as MATH 140 and to attract students from other departments across campus which will positively impact SIUC enrollment.

Department of Mathematics has also been awarded another 2019 SIU Foundation grant for creation of Math-Stat Labs. Congratulations to (lab and faculty members' names):

  • SANE (Symbolic & Numerical Experimentation) Lab (Jianhong Xu)
  • Saluki Analytics Lab (Wesley Calvert)
  • Geometers’ Den (Jerzy Kocik)
  • Design-based activities lab (Lingao Bu)
  • Virtual Reality lab (Mike Sullivan)

for their contributions in creation of the labs. The Labs would introduce SIUC students to mathematically explore, think out-of-the-box, beyond the typical classroom instructions of given syllabi. They will further discover applications of material learnt, unify different concepts and participate in hands-on activities with or without computers.

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