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New Math Class supplying crucial data to Ameren

SIU Math's Wesley Calvert is teaching a new course this semester, in which math majors apply their skills to a real industrial problem in predictive analytics.  Ameren Illinois provided the problem, and students will deliver their solution to Ameren engineers at the end of the semester.  This project, supported by the MAA's PIC Math program, is designed to improve the preparation of students for the wide range of business and industry careers math offers.  Hear WSIU radio's on-air coverage, including interviews with Calvert and SIU Math major Madison Wilderman.

Congratulations to Math Grads

Passing Qualifiers
Rukayya Ibrahim, Kosman Rajapaksha, and Porter Summers

Dissertation Research Assistant Award
Lakshika Gunawardana

Obtaining a Graduate Fellowship for 2019-2020
Hadi Safari

Winning Olmsted Teaching Awards
Taniya Chandrasena and Kalpa Madhawa 

Presenting a Poster at a SIU Research Symposium
Priyan De Alwis, Lakshika Gunawardana, Wiranthe Herath, Qilun Luo, and Hadi Safari 

Starting an Assistant Professorship
Naama Lewis (in Indiana in the Fall)

Starting a Post Doc
Chathurangi Pathiravasan (in Massachusetts in the Fall)

Passing their M.Sc.
Gihanee Senadheera and Mashael Alshammari 

Attending Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), Berkeley, CA.
Porter Summers and Menake Wijerathne who will attend a two week Summer School

Entering the Ph.D. program in Fall 2019
Wiranthe Herath, Gihanee Senadheera, Shanika Chandrasena, Taniya Chandrasena, and Lingling Zhang. 


Mathematics provides the foundation for all of science. 

From the precise calculations necessary to verify scientific theories to the elegant mathematical structures which model everything from DNA to subatomic particles, mathematics is essential to science.

As a student majoring in mathematics at SIU, you will be in close contact with outstanding mathematics professors who are both international leaders in their research areas and outstanding teachers committed to your learning.  Career opportunities for our graduates such as analyzing risk for insurance companies (actuarial science) to teaching the next generation of mathematicians have never been better.  We offer Bachelor’s degrees in Science, Liberal Arts, and Education and Human Services. For those students interested in graduate degrees, we offer both Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.