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Mathematics provides the foundation for all of science. 

From the precise calculations necessary to verify scientific theories to the elegant mathematical structures which model everything from DNA to subatomic particles, mathematics is essential to science.

As a student majoring in mathematics at SIU, you will be in close contact with outstanding mathematics professors who are both international leaders in their research areas and outstanding teachers committed to your learning.  Career opportunities for our graduates such as analyzing risk for insurance companies (actuarial science) to teaching the next generation of mathematicians have never been better.  We offer Bachelor’s degrees in Science, Liberal Arts, and Education and Human Services. For those students interested in graduate degrees, we offer both Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

Congratulations to Dr. Kathleen Pericak-Spector!  She has been chosen as the recipient of the University-Level Teaching Excellence Award (Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty)!  She will receive the permanent title of Distinguished Teacher!  SIUC News Article

Congratulations to Dr. MingQing Xiao!  He has been chosen as the recipient of the College of Science Scholar Excellence Award for the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

Congratulations to our Graduate Students with new degrees!

Alhuraiji, Abdulkarem S. PHD
Althubiti, Saeed A. PHD
Bartelsmeyer, Craig J. MS
Durig, Rebekah L. MS
Gallage, Roshini S. MS
Gangoda Gamachchige, Nirosh Tharaka PHD
Gumus, Mehmet PHD
Haile, Mulubrhan G. MS
Imhoff, Drew C. MS
Kim, Sung-ho MS
Leitner, Stefan MS
Mahappu Kankanamge, Tharindu Priyan D. MS
Murphy, Charles J. MS
Pelawa Watagoda, Lasanthi C. PHD
Rajapaksha, Kosman Watte Gedara Dimuthu H. MS
Ranaweera, Chamila K. MS
Rupasinghe Arachchige Don, Hasthika S. PHD
Soule, Patrick B. MS
Summers, Porter O. MS
Thudewaththage, Kalpa Madhawa MS
Wang, Handong MS
Ziedzor, Reginald I. MS