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Graduate Programs

The Department of Mathematics offers graduate degree programs leading to the Master of Arts or Master of Science degree in mathematics and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Mathematics. Students in the master's program can choose from a rich variety of courses in both pure and applied mathematics and statistics. Each master's degree candidate works closely with a professor in writing a research paper or thesis in an area of interest to the student. A double major at the master's level between mathematics and a related discipline is also an option. At the doctoral level, a student may specialize in any one of a large number of fields such as algebra, applied mathematics, combinatorics, differential equations, geometry, numerical analysis, probability, or statistics. Interdisciplinary programs are available. We also offer a Dual Credit Certificate program in mathematics for high school teachers.

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Active Visitors Program

The department seeks visitors whose research interests are shared by some members of the department, and whose visit will engage both faculty and graduate students. Visits typically include several talks to the department, including a departmental colloquium. Video of some of our visitors.