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Graduate Assistantship

The guidelines used for filling vacant teaching and research assistantship positions within mathematics department.

Teaching Assistantships are awarded to mathematics graduate students on the basis of their financial need and prior academic record as determined by the Director of Graduate Studies in collaboration with the Graduate Programs Committee. Assistantships are renewable; Master's students are limited to 2 years and PhD students are limited to 4 years of TA support. Summer assistantships are considered separately. Teaching assignments are made according to students’ prior academic record and teaching experience. The Department follows university guidelines pertaining to assignment of graduate instructors to serve as instructors of record.

 Occasionally, graduate students from disciplines other than mathematics are also considered for assistantship subject to the availability of funding. The preference for such appointment is given to those with prior mathematics teaching experience and those who are majoring in CS or engineering. The selection is based on an interview where the candidate gives a teaching demonstration for 10-minutes on topics they are expected to teach. To be selected, the candidate must pass the ITA test.

 Research Assistantships are awarded to graduate students on the basis of their prior experience in a particular area of mathematics and/or data analysis. They are supported from the external / internal grant award fund of a professor. Students are selected by the professor with the grant in collaboration with the Director of Graduate studies based on the student's experience in the research area.