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Qualifying Exam Prep

Graduate Faculty Committee Approval Form

The candidate must file a request with the Director of Graduate Studies to appoint a dissertation committee to supervise the remaining doctoral work. This committee shall consist of 5 members with the candidate's dissertation advisor as chair.

Preliminary Exam Information Form

The student should fill out the Preliminary Examination Preparatory form, have their committee members sign it and then give it to the Graduate Advisors, and make a copy for the committee's chair.

Forms for taking Math 595, Math 598, Math 599, Math 600:

Math 595
Math 598
Math 599
Math 600

Math Report, Thesis, or Dissertation Template for Latex

Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission on Thesis and Dissertation

Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Research Papers

Graduation Form | Graduation Information


Committee Chair Forms

Report on Preliminary Exam Form

After the exam the committee's chair shall fill out the Report on Preliminary Examination form, give it to the Graduate Advisor and give a copy to the Department Chair's Office Manager.

Admission to Candidacy Information | Form

If the committee has determined that the student passed the preliminary exam, that the research tools and other requirements have been met, the committee chair should fill out Admission to Candidacy form and give it to the Graduate Advisor. The Graduate Advisor will check it over and then send it to the Graduate School for final approval.

Dissertation Approval Form | Thesis Approval Form

Oral Defense Form | Research Approval Form