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2012 Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Ban, D., & Goldberg, D. (2012). R-groups and aprameters. Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 255(2), 281-303

Beardsley, X., Field, B., & Xiao, M. (2012). Mean-Variance-Skewness-Kurtosis portfolio optimization with return and liquidity. Communications in Mathematical Finance, 1(1), 13-49

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Dai, X., Huang, Y., Liu, J., & Xiao, M. (2012). The ginite-step relizability of the joint spectral radius of a pair of dxd matrices one of which being rank-one. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 437(7), 1548-1561.

Feinsilver, P. (2012). Representations of sl(2) in the Boolean lattice, and the Hamming and Johnson schemes. Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics, 15(3).

Fitzgerald, Robert, W. Norm Euclidean quaternionic orders. Integers 12 (2012), no. 2, 197-208.

Ginzburg, D., & Hundley, J. (2012). Constructions of Global Integrals in the Exceptional Groups, submitted.. Kyushu Journal of Mathematics,

Gregory, John; Olivares, Alberto; Staffetti, Ernesto. Energy-optimal trajectory planning for robot manipulators with holonomic constraints. Systems Control Lett. 61 (2012), no. 2, 279-291.

Huang, T., Gao, D., Li, C., & Xiao, M. (2012). Anticipating synchronization through optimal feedback control. Journal of Global Optimization, 52(2), 281-290.

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Hundley, J., & Sayag, E. (2012). Descent Construction for GSpin Groups. Memoirs of the AMS.

Khorasani, E., Rahimi, S., & Calvert, W. (2012). Formalization of Generalized Constraint Language: A Crucial Prelude to Computing with Words. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics.

Kocik, J., (2012). Geometric diagram for relativistic addition of velocities. American Journal of Physics, 80(8), 737.

Kocik, J. (2012). On a Diophantine equation that generates all integral Apollonian Gaskets. ISRN Geometry, 2012, 1-19.

Li, L., Huang, Y., & Xiao, M. (2012). Observer design for wave equations with van der Pol type boundary conditions. SIAM J. CONTROL OPTIM., 50(3), 1200-1219.

Mohammed, S., & Gliklihk, Y. (2012). Stochtastic delay equations and inclusions with a mean derivatives on Riemannian manifods II. Global and Stochastic Analysis, 2(1), 11-11.

Mohammed, S., & Zhang, T. (2012). Burgers equation with affine linear noise: Dynamics and stbility. Stochastic Processes and Their Applications, 122(4), 1887-1916.

Neuman, E. (2012). Refinements and generalizations of certain inequalities involving trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. Adv. Inequal. Appl., 1(1), 1-11.

Neuman, E. (2012). Inequalities for hyperbolic functions. Appl. Math. Comput., 218, 9291-9295.

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Neuman, E. (2012). Inequalities involving hyperbolic and trigonometric functions. Bull. Internat. Math. Virtual Inst., 2, 87-92.

Neuman, E. (2012). Inequalities for Jacobian elliptic functions and Gauss lemniscate functions. Appl. Math. Comput., 218, 7774-7782.

Neuman, E. (2012). On one-parameter family of bivariate means. Aequat. Math., 83(1-2), 191-197.

Neuman, E. (2012). Inequalities involving multivariate convex functions III. Rocky Mount. J. Math., 42(1), 251-256.

Neuman, E. (2012). On Wilker and Huygens type inequlities. Math Inequal. Appl., 15(2), 271-279.

Neuman, E. (2012). Inequalities involving multivariate convex functions IV. J. Math. Inequal., 6(2), 299-305.

Neuman, E. (2012). Inequalities involving Jacobian elliptic, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. J. Inequal. Spec. Funct., 3(2), 16-21.

Neuman, E. (2012). Inequalities for weighted sums of powers and their applications. Math. Inequal. Appl, 15(4), 995-1005.

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Wang, Y., Cheung, Y., Liu, H., & Xiao, M. (2012). Selected papers from the 7th international conference on computational intelligence and security (CIS2011). Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2012, 1-3. doi:10.1155/2012/839154.

Wen, J., Xiao, M., & Xu, J. (2012). Control of hopf bifurcations of nonlinear infinitedimentional systems: application to axial flower engine compressor. Applicable Analysis, 91(11), 1959-1980.

Xiao, M. (2012). Special Issue on advances on computational intelligence and information security. Int. J. Innovational Computing, Information and Control, 8(5), 3617-3617. Retrieved from http://www.ijicic.org/aciis-preface.pdf

Xiao, M., Reeve, J., Xu, D., & Cronin, J. T. (2012). Estimation of the diffusion rate and crossing probability for biased edge movement between two different types of habitat. Journal of Mathematical Biology, doi:10.1007-s00285-012-0561-6.

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Zhang, J., Olive, D., & Ye, P. (2012). Robust Covariance Matrix Estimation With Canonical Correlation Analysis. International Journal of Statistics and Probability, I, 119-136

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

Bu, L., Mumba, F., Henson, H., & Wright, M. (2012). Teaching Mathematics Using GeoGebra: Integrating Pedagogy and Content in Teacher Education. In Technology in Mathematics Education: Contemporary Issues. (pp. 91-115). Informing Science Press/D. Martinovic, D. McDougall & Z. Karadag (Eds),.

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Schurz, H. (2012). Basic Concepts of Numerical Analysis of Stochastic Differential Equations explained by Balanced Implicit Theta Methods. --em In Stochastic Differential Equations and Processes. (pp. 1-139). Springer.

Wallis, W. D. (2012). Combinatorics. In Mathematical Foundations for Signal Processing, Communications, and Networking. (pp. 159-203). CRC Press, Boca Raton.

Peer-Reviewed Articles in Conference Proceedings

A, M., Reeve, J., Xiao, M., & Xu, D. (2012). Identification of Diffusion Coefficient in Nonhomogeneous Landscapes. Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences, Springer, 290-297.

Gao, X., Huang, T., Liu, J., & Xiao, M. (2012). Local Observer for Axial Flow Aeroengine Compressors. IEEE Proc. of the 10th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation. 2233-2238.

Li, L., Huang, Y., & Xiao, M. (2012). Observer design for wave equations with van der Pol type boundary conditions. IEEE Proc. of the 10th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation, 1471-1476.

Liu, J., & Xiao, M. (2012). Computation of Joint Spectral Radius for Network Model Associated with Rank-One Matrix Set. Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences, Springer, 356-353.

Liu Z., Wang Q., Ansari, N., & Schurz, H. (2012). Nonlinear optimal control of stochastic recurrent neural networks with multiple time delays. Proceedings of the American Control Conference, IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, 6424-6429.