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About Us

Vision and Mission Statement

Department of Mathematics Vision Statement Over the next ten years, SIUC Mathematics will grow in its contribution of primary research important to the scholarly community in the mathematical sciences, and of primary research at the interface of the mathematical sciences with other fields. It will also ...read full profile >>

Our Books

You might have encountered in the bookstore or on library shelves one of over 40 books that were written or edited by members of our department. Ralph K. Amayo (ed.): Algebra. Carbondale 1980: Lie Algebras, Group Theory and Partially Ordered Algebraic Structures. Paperback: 308 pages, Springer (May 1981), ISBN-10: ...read full profile >>

Midwest Conference on Combinatorics Cryptography, and Computing

Carbondale is the birthplace of the MCCCC = Midwest Conference on Combinatorics Cryptography, and Computing. It was started in 1986 by the efforts of Walter Wallis, and, after a few meetings at SIUC, now moves around the Midwest at various institutions. Currently, Walter is developing a webpage devoted to his book on Designs.

Research Highlights

Here is a selection of some of the Research Highlights of the Mathematics Department (in approximate chronological order): MingQing Xiao and Dashun Xu and John Reeve (SIUC, Zoology) have been awarded a 3-year research grant from the NSF for an interdisciplinary project in mathematical biology: Collaborative ...read full profile >>

Research Interests

image of reasearch books


Main (broadly understood) research groups: Algebra and number theory (Dubravka Ban, Kwangho Choiy, Andrew Earnest, Don Redmond) Combinatorics and graph theory (John McSorley) Geometry and topology (Jerzy Kocik, Mike Sullivan) Logic and complexity (Wesley Calvert) Probability theory and stochastic systems ...read full profile >>

Papers Published

2009 Bashkirtseva, I., L. Ryashko and H. Schurz. 2009. Analysis of noise-induced transitions for Hopf system with additive and multiplicative random disturbances. Chaos Solitons Fractals 39(1):72-82.  Bhattacharya, B. 2009. Relative entropy measures of asymmetry with applications. Sankhya Ser. B ...read full profile >>

Alan Schoen


Alan Schoen discovered a minimal surface that he named the gyroid. The gyroid is becoming increasingly popular as more and more new occurrences of it in nature are being discovered (google it up!). It has been discussed at Cornell University and John Baez's site at Univ. of California-Riverside and on ...read full profile >>

Some Trivia

Some retro bits and pieces: 1. Ernie Shult, famous for his contributions to the theory of finite groups, studied and worked for a while at SIUC (see p.4).. Centers where our faculty have collaborative ties: Philip Feinsilver at Nancy, France. One of our colleagues, Lane Clark, has Erdös Number 1. Most ...read full profile >>