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Math Club

The SIUC Math Club is a largely informal club dedicated to improving students' understanding of mathematics and how it impacts their lives. While the primary focus of the Club is on those undergraduates whose major is mathematics, as well as on graduate students who are earning an advanced degree in mathematics, we are happy to include other members of the SIUC community who are interested in mathematics in our activities as well.

Math Club Constitution

The Mathematical Association of America Student Chapter was created to represent the student population of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale that are studying or are interested in areas related to mathematics.

This club shall strive to provide information/services related to math. It will provide interaction between faculty and students and the industry representatives.



The objective of the Math Club is to enhance the students of Southern Illinois University in the different fields of Mathematics.  It will also give an opportunity to represent SIU at some of the national associations in Math.

    A.    To increase the awareness of job opportunities in the math field.

    B.    To expose new students to as many of the areas of study in math as possible.


    Math Club


    Membership in the Math Club will be open, but selective.  The requirements for selection will be:

        A.    A member must be enrolled in a Math (or Math related) program.

        B.    A member maintain a 2.0 GPA.

        C.    A member should attend at least half of the scheduled meetings.


  • Section A. President
    The President of the Math Club is responsible for:
        A.  Overseeing the Board of Officers.
        B.  Arranging guest speakers for meetings of the club.
        C.  The bi-weekly news letter.
  • Section B. Vice President
    The Vice President of the Math Club will be responsible for:
        A.  Ensuring the officers accomplish the assigned tasks.
        B.  Overseeing board meetings in the absence of the President.
  • Section C. Secretary
    The Secretary of the Math Club is responsible for:
        A.  Correspondence with other clubs and the USO.
        B.  Supplies used by the Math Club.
        C.  Keeping current roster of members
  • Section D. Treasurer
    The Treasurer of the Math Club is responsible for keeping track of all funds of the Math Club.
  • Section E. Special Projects Officer
    The Special Projects Officer is responsible for any projects and special guest speakers.
  • Section F. Professional Societies Officer
    The Professional Societies Officer is responsible for keeping a current list of Professional Societies and their requirements for membership.
  • Section G. Engineering Liaison
    The Engineering Liaison is responsible of keeping the engineering department and students abreast of the Math Clubs activities.
  • Section H. Social Chairman
    The Social Chairman is responsible for any social engagements of the Math Club.
  • Section I. Career/Goal Chairman
    The Career/Goal Chairman is responsible for helping members find what requirements should be filled to enter the career field of their choice.
  • Section J. Education Liaison
    The Education Liaison will be responsible for keeping the Board abreast of the opinions of the Math students working towards teaching positions.


The Board of Officers is to be run by the President of the Math Club.  In the President's absence the Vice President will run the Board.  Any of the officers may be given additional duties as needed by the Math Club.  These duties will be determined by the Board of Officers.  The officers will be elected at the end of the spring semester of each year.


Amendments to this constitution will be brought up in a meeting of the Board of Officers.  The Amendment must be approved by all officers and the Faculty Advisor.