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Course Preparation

For many students, skills and knowledge from previous courses can disappear very quickly, even during the short breaks between semesters. This may mean you're not in peak math condition for your upcoming class. We're here to get you in shape.

Oftentimes when introducing a new topic, the instructor will use concepts covered in a previous course. If this prerequisite material is not part of a student's core knowledge, the new topic will not be clear. The student becomes lost, but this is not really due to the new material. Rather, the student has forgotten (or never 'learned') the prerequisite material on which the new topic is based. Our intent is to offer help with the necessary background material before this problem arises.

Math Requirements for Majors

108 | College Algebra

109 | Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry

140 | A Short Course in Calculus

150 | Calculus I

250 | Calculus II