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Dubravka Ban


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P: 618.453.6589
E: dban@siu.edu
O: Neckers 365

Professor; Dr. Sci., University of Zagreb, Croatia, 1998. Algebra, representation theory, automorphic forms. Research Interests My research is on topics in the representation theory of p-adic groups in the context of Langlands program. It is motivated by Arthur's conjectures. ...read full profile >>

Bhaskar Bhattacharya


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P: 618.453.6503

E: bhaskar@siu.edu

O: Neckers 263


Professor, Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1993. Order restricted statistical inference, I-projections, linear models, and multivariate analysis. Research Interests I am interested in `constrained statistical inference', which includes solving statistical application problems under some type of ...read full profile >>

Tumpa Bhattacharyya

Clinical Assistant Professor

Tumpa Bhattacharyya

P: 618.453.6597

E: tumpa.bhattacharyya

O: Neckers 369


Clinical Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Bowling Green State University.  

Wesley Calvert

Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

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P: 618.453.6582

E: wcalvert@siu.edu

O: Neckers 357


Professor; Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 2005. Research Interests Mathematical Logic and its applications, especially computability theory and model theory; Algebraic geometry and number theory, especially computational aspects; theoretical computer science. Selected Publications (with D. Cummins, J. F. ...read full profile >>

Vina Castelli


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P: 618.453.6570

E: vina@siu.edu

O: Neckers 381

Lecturer, M.S. Mathematics, Southern Illinois University, 2015

Kristen Ceballos


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E: kalindb@siu.edu

P: 618.453.5302

Lecturer, M.S. Mathematics, Southern Illinois University, 2011

Kwangho Choiy

Associate Professor

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P: 618.453.6508

E: kchoiy@siu.edu

O: Neckers 283


Associate Professor; Ph.D., Purdue University, West Lafayette, 2012. Number Theory, Automorphic Forms and Representation Theory Research Interests:  My research interest lies in the fields of number theory, automorphic forms, representation theory, and harmonic analysis on reductive p-adic groups. I am ...read full profile >>

Kathirave Giritharan


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P: 618.453.6501

E: kathirave.giritharan@siu.edu

O: Neckers 373

Lecturer, M.S. Mathematics, Southern Illinois University

Mathew Gluck

Assistant Professor

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P: 618.453.6593
E: mathew.gluck@siu.edu
O: Neckers 391

Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Florida Research Interests 1. Nonlinear elliptic partial differential and integral equations arising in geometry, biology and physics2. Extremal problems related to sharp Sobolev and Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequalities 3. Calculus ...read full profile >>

Jerzy Kocik


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P: 618.453.6504
E: jkocik@siu.edu
O: Neckers 377

Professor; Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 1989. Mathematical physics, Lie algebras, differential-geometric structures, symplectic geometry. Selected Publications Lens sequences, Journal of Integral Sequences, Vol 23, article 20.11.6 (2020)  (36 pages). Skein relations for spin networks, modified, ...read full profile >>

Lindsey-Kay Lauderdale

Assistant Professor

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P: 618.453.6573
E: lindseykay.lauderdale@siu.edu
O: Neckers 277

Assistant Professor; Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Florida Research Interests  Algebraic graph theory, enumerative combinatorics, extremal graph theory, group theory, and their applications. Publications 1. Chapter 15: Ring Theory. Mathematics in Cyber Research. Edited By P. ...read full profile >>

Thara Lowndes

Director Computer Based Learning


P: 618.453.6569

E: tlowndes@siu.edu

O: Neckers 361

Lecturer, M.S. Mathematics, Southern Illinois University, 1996

Ron Nagrodski


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P: 618.453.6503

E: rnagrodski@siu.edu

O: Neckers 269

Lecturer, M.S. Mathematics, Southern Illinois University, 1990.

David Olive


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P: 618.453.6566

E: dolive@siu.edu

O: Neckers 261


Professor; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1998. Applications of high breakdown robust statistics, regression Graphics, applied probability theory. Research Interests One area of my research considers the development of computationally practical robust multivariate location and dispersion estimators, robust ...read full profile >>

Ghada Omar

Clinical Assistant Professor



P: 618.453.6572
E: ghada.omar@siu.edu 
O: Neckers 467

Clinical Assistant Professor, Ph.D, in Applied Mathematics Research Interests: My research interest is in Applied Mathematics and its applications, which include Time Domain, Electromagnetic, Scattering, Rectangular Reflector, Antennas, and Mutual Impedance.  Publications: Ghada M. Sami and Khaled R. ...read full profile >>

Suri Rajan


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P: 618.453.6580
E: suri.p.rajan@siu.edu
O: Neckers 265

Lecturer, M.S., University of Illinois, 2011; B.S., Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Rasanji Rathnayake

Clinical Associate Professor

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P: 618.453.6598

E: rasanji@siu.edu

O: Neckers 257

  Clinical Associate Professor; Ph.D. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2019. Research Interest:  Linear Regression, Variable Selection, Prediction Intervals, Bootstrap, Machine Learning, Bayesian Inference and Computational Methods, Order Restricted Statistical Inference, and Acturial Mathematics.

S. Yaser Samadi

Associate Professor

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P: 618.453.6502
E: ysamadi@ siu.edu
O: Neckers 281

Associate Professor of Statistics, Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2014. Multivariate and Matrix Time Series Analysis. Research Interests  Multivariate time series analysis - High dimensional statistical inference, Tensor data analysis - Big Data - Symbolic data analysis - Dimension reduction for time ...read full profile >>

Henri Schurz


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P: 618.453.6577
E: hschurz@math.siu.edu
O: Neckers 271

Professor; Ph.D., Humboldt University Berlin, 1997. Stochastic analysis, stochastic dynamical systems, mathematical finance. Research Interests My research focuses on stochastic analysis and its applications. In particular, I am working on the qualitative behavior of stochastic dynamical systems such as systems ...read full profile >>

Michael Sullivan

Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

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P: 618.453.6592
E: prof.michael.sullivan

O: Neckers 385

Professor; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1992. Topological dynamical systems and knot theory. Research Interests The lay person's term for my research area is Chaos Theory. I mostly study flows on three-dimensional spaces using tools from topology, knot theory, and symbolic dynamics. Selected ...read full profile >>

MingQing Xiao


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P: 618.453.6587

E: mxiao@siu.edu

O: Neckers 463

Professor; Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1997. Partial differential equations, control theory, optimization theory, dynamical systems, computational science. Research Interests Control Theory; Partial Differential Equations; Dynamical Systems; and Computational Science. Selected Publications High-order finite ...read full profile >>

Dashun Xu


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P: 618.453.6512

E: dashunxu@siu.edu

O: Neckers 273


Professor; Ph.D., Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, 2004. Applied Mathematics. Research Interests My main research interests lie in the area of mathematical biology, particularly in the field of epidemiology and population biology. I apply the mathematical methods of differential equations and dynamical ...read full profile >>

Jianhong Xu


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P: 618.453.6561
E: jhxu@siu.edu
O: Neckers 387


Professor; Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2003. Numerical analysis, matrix computations, matrix theory and applications. Research Interests Numerical analysis, matrix computations, parallel algorithms, matrix theory and applications. Selected Publications Generalized $\lambda$-Newton inequalities revisited, ...read full profile >>