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Kwangho Choiy

Assistant Professor

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P: 618.453.6508


O: Neckers 283


Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Purdue University, West Lafayette, 2012. Number Theory, Automorphic Forms and Representation Theory

Research Interests: 

My research interest lies in the fields of number theory, automorphic forms, representation theory, and harmonic analysis on reductive p-adic groups. I am particularly interested in questions arising from the Langlands program.


  1. Transfer of Plancherel measures for unitary supercuspidal representations between p-adic inner forms, Canad. J. Math.66 (2014), no. 3, 566-595
  2. Transfer of R-groups between p-adic inner forms of SL(n) (with David Goldberg), Manuscripta Math. Vol. 146, Issue 1 (2015), 125-152
  3. Invariance of R-groups between p-adic inner forms of quasi-split classical groups (with David Goldberg), Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 368 (2016), no. 2, 1387–1410
  4. The local Langlands conjecture for the p-adic inner form of Sp(4), Int. Math. Res. Notice 2017; 2017 (6): 1830-1889
  5. The local Langlands conjecture for p-adic GSpin(4), GSpin(6), and their inner forms (with Mahdi Asgari), Forum Math, Vol. 29, Issue 6 (2017), 1261-1290